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Enticing Hard-to-Reach Writers by Ruth Ayres is heart-wrenching story, ground-breaking professional development, and a pull-no-punches call to action. Every educator, including parents, needs this book.

-- Christy Rush-Levine, middle school language arts teacher


  • 3 Meetings (self-paced and available after release until you have time)
  • Video content that dives into the content of enticing hard-to-reach writers
  • Favorite resources for working with hard-to-reach writers -- websites, books, inspirational videos
  • An inside look at my writing process
  • Rich discussion through the comment stream in each session
  • Continued conversation through a private Facebook Group
  • Companionship & accountability for reading

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This book is more relevant today than ever. Kids are surrounded by sorrow and hard times, but writing can be a daily outlet for them to make sense of their world through words. Ruth’s ideas give us the necessary opportunities to help them find their writer's voice."

Brad Wilson

Co-Founder and CEO, WriteAbout.com

BOOK CLUB Begins March 2019!

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Ruth Ayres
Ruth Ayres

Hi there! I'm Ruth Ayres. Teaching young writers can be manageable and enjoyable. I write a lot about teaching writers, but at my core I love teaching most. That's why I made this online classroom, so educators around the globe can come together to learn and share ideas about teaching young writers. Welcome, brave teacher!

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